Brandywine Falls

Brandywine Falls is a 370-acre provincial park in British Columbia.  The highlight of this park is—you guessed it—the 230-foot waterfall that plunges over a rock ledge into a circular pool.



Brandywine Falls

The word brandy (the liquor) is actually a shortened version of brandywine.  The falls got its name when two railroad surveyors bet a bottle of brandy on who could most closely guess the height of the waterfall.  After they measured the waterfall with a chain, the winner named it Brandywine Falls for the bottle of brandy he had won.



Brandywine Creek

Brandywine Falls dumps into Brandywine Creek.



Daisy Lake

With just a short walk from the falls overlook, there is a nice view of Daisy Lake that’s unfortunately tainted with high-power lines.



Black Tusk

The Black Tusk is a remnant of an extinct stratovolcano formed over a million years ago.  Experts believe the softer rock of the volcano cinder cone eroded away, leaving only the harder, black lava core.  Climbers and even hikers love to climb Black Tusk.  Sadly, microwave relay towers spoil this view from the west side.

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