Shadow sliding through a playground tube

Buckley Cove is a small municipal park in Stockton, California.  We camped in a nice campground next door.  Shadow went down the slides and through the tubes in the kids’ playground.



Dry-docked sailboats in the marina

Hundreds of sailboats were wet and dry-docked in the park’s marina.



Boat launch is overrun with aquatic plants

Ducks floating in the boat launch

The boat launch area was overrun with aquatic plants, but it didn’t seem to bother the boaters… or the ducks.



Huge cargo ship chugging through the Stockton Deep Water Channel

We heard a loud, deep rumbling while sitting in our RV.  So I rushed outside and was surprised to see this huge cargo ship chugging through the Stockton Deep Water Channel, which flowed alongside our campground.  We were about 80 miles from San Francisco and the Pacific Ocean, but apparently the channel was a major shipping route into Stockton.

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