Thunderstorm and rain over the grassland

Buffalo Gap National Grassland in southwestern South Dakota is the second-largest grassland in the United States and covers nearly 600,000 acres.  The grassland is a patchwork of federal and state public land along with private ranches.



Shadow and Darby watching the thunderstorm in the distance

We watched in awe as thunderstorms rolled across the grasslands in the distance.  The flat land with no obstructions allowed us to see the storms in their full glory.



Dispersed camping in the grasslands

We dispersed camp in grasslands just a few miles north of Badlands National Park.



Nothing but grassland

We had a terrific 360-degree view of, well, essentially nothing.



Badlands National Park in the distance

Though we could see the Badlands National Park in the distance.



Theresa, Shadow and Darby walking in the grasslands

Every day we’d go into the Badlands to hike.  But since the dogs aren’t allowed on the hiking trails in national parks, when we’d return to the RV, we’d set out with the dogs across the grasslands for a long walk.  Can you spot Theresa, Shadow and Darby in this photo?  Click on the image for a larger version.



Timm standing in the grasslands

For three days the storms raged around us, but not a single drop of rain fell upon us.



RV stuck in the mud

And then on the night before we were supposed to leave the grasslands, with only a 20% chance of rain, the sky opened up and poured for four hours.  The next morning when we tried to leave, the grassland had become a swamp, and we got our RV stuck in the mud.  It took two days of sun and wind to dry our the grassland enough for us to exit.



Watering hole

There was a watering hole nearby, and one day we returned to find the RV surrounded by cattle.



Theresa hugging on Shadow while watching the sunset

The stormy skies led to some amazing sunsets.



Fiery sunset

This was our first experience in a national grassland, and we really loved it.

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