Theresa and Shadow sitting in a line of saguaros

Catalina State Park is a 5,493-acre park just north of Tucson, Arizona and adjacent to the Coronado National Forest.



Pan out of the photo above

Catalina is home to nearly 5,000 giant Saguaro cacti.  Saguaros can live up to 150 years and grow over 45 feet tall with a 10 foot girth.



Darby carefully sniffing a barrel cactus

Darby is very careful sniffing a barrel cactus.  In spite their best efforts, we’ve had to pick spines out of the nose, eyelid and paws of both our dogs.



Timm and Darby at our lunch spot

We just finished lunch in this spot with a terrific view of the Santa Catalina Mountains.



Timm standing next to a Saguaro

The Saguaros are so magnificent you just want to hug them… but of course you wouldn’t dare.



Darby taking a drink from a stream

We were surprised to find many springs along the Sutherland Trail.  This ample supply of fresh water helped keep the dogs well-hydrated.  Although our dogs are very hearty, they have never hiked such long distances while climbing over 1000 feet in elevation.  When we returned to the RV, Darby fell asleep so hard that she wouldn’t wake up for dinner.  I had to hold the food under her nose for a few seconds before she stirred awake.



Theresa on a rock ledge

We always like to climb to a high perch for the best view.  Theresa and I are well-matched in many regards, including the love of heights.




One tends to think of the desert as a wasteland, but most deserts are actually teeming with life, including many pretty yellow wildflowers.



View from our RV bedroom window

We had this amazing sunset view of the Santa Catalina Mountains from our RV bedroom window.  It was a delight waking up each morning to see this spectacular mountain range.



Panorama of the Santa Catalina Mountains from the top of our RV

This panorama from the top of our RV is one of the best I’ve ever taken.  Click the image to see it in a larger size.

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