Log in Puget Sound

Dash Point State Park is a relatively small 398-acre park on the Puget Sound just south of Seattle.  We camped here for two nights and used it as a base to explore downtown Seattle.



Young woman is an expert hula hooper

Down at the beach there was a young woman who had great skills with a hula hoop.  She walked around the beach for about 15 minutes, and I never once saw the hula hoop drop to the ground.



Ferns on a tree

The park has a surprisingly extensive network of 11 miles of hiking trails, and we hiked on about half of them.  We got our first taste of Pacific northwest rainforest.



Sunset over Puget Sound

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset over Puget Sound.  Unfortunately a park ranger kicked everyone off the beach at 8pm, just moments before the sun set below the horizon.  So we asked her, “We have to leave right before the sunset?”  The ranger seemed genuinely surprised, as if wanting to see the sunset was an odd request.  Then she replied, “Yes, the park closes at 8.”  Sigh.  Sometimes people take their authority just a little too seriously.

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