Off-road vehicle trails

Dove Springs Recreation Area covers over 5,000 acres of open-use public land.  The area is popular with people driving off-road vehicles.



Dispersed camping spot

We stopped for a night to camp and were the only humans for miles.



Our RV driving away

The next park we were visiting was only a few miles down the road, so we drove our RV and SUV separately.  This allowed me to snap a rare long-distance photo of our RV driving away.



Theresa holding on to our outdoor rug

We knew we were back in the California desert when we were blasted by 40 mph sustained winds.  We didn’t even have to shake out our outdoor rug.  Instead, we just held onto it for dear life while the wind blew it clean.



Turkey vulture

This turkey vulture was taunting our dog Darby.  I’ve never seen Darby run as fast as she did while chasing this big bird.  But every time Darby would get close, the bird simply lifted off and let the wind carry him away.



Darby and Shadow roaming free

The dogs love when we dispersed camp, as they can roam free off the leash.

>> Next Stop: Red Rock Canyon State Park >>

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