People climbing up Enchanted Rock

Enchanted Rock is an enormous pink granite formation in Enchanted Rock State Park.  It rises 425 feet and provides terrific 360-degree views of the surrounding Texas basin of the Llano Uplift.  It’s the largest pink monadnock in the United States.  Visitors can climb to the top up the gently sloping south side.  Click on the photo above to see people at various stages in their ascent up the rock.



Shadow pulling me up Enchanted Rock trying to catch the dog ahead of us

The group ahead of us had a dog, so Shadow was anxious to catch up to them.  Normally I don’t like him pulling me along on his leash, but in this case I let him drag me up the hill for a relatively easy climb.



Theresa and Darby

When we hike, normally I follow Theresa so she doesn’t have to look over me (I’m about a foot taller than her).  But without a big dog pulling her up the hill, she brought up the rear with Darby.  Notice the great views.




Theresa, Darby and Shadow at our lunch spot

We had a nice lunch spot on top of Enchanted Rock with a great view of so-called “Little Rock,” another monadnock next door that’s about 100 feet shorter.



Timm, Shadow and Darby next to a boulder

There were numerous large boulders strewn about Enchanted Rock.  Which begs the questions:  Where did they come from, and how come they didn’t roll down the hill?  Aliens?




We decided to scale down the much steeper west side of Enchanted Rock.  Shadow had no trouble with the 45 degree descent, jumping with ease from boulder to boulder and across large cracks.  Darby, on the other hand, was a little more reluctant.



Enchanted Rock reflecting in Moss Lake

Enchanted Rock reflecting in Moss Lake

Mother and child on top of Enchanted Rock

The “big pink rock” (as my mom calls it) looks truly enchanted when reflected in Moss Lake.  This series of photos shows just how massive Enchanted Rock is.  Can you see the mother holding her child in each photo?  There she is the last photo when I zoomed in.

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