Where are you going?

Gulf Coast, Western USA, Western Canada, and Alaska

How long will you be travelling?

We plan to travel for 1-2 years.  Phase One of our trip ends in November 2012.  We expect we’ll be tired of travelling by then, but we have the option for a second year.

How long have you been planning for this trip?

We made the decision to go and began planning for our trip in April 2011.

Why are you doing this?

For years we have dreamed of exploring our great country by RV and hiking the national parks.

Why are you doing this NOW?

We are getting older and slowing down.  We want to take this trip while we are still young and energetic enough to hike trails and climb mountains.

Do you have any experience doing this?

Almost every vacation we’ve taken as adults has been to a national park or wilderness area, so we are experienced hikers.  However, other than a few practice runs, we have never RV’d before.

Will you visit only national parks?

No, we also plan to visit national monuments and forests, state parks, and perhaps a few cities.

Where will you end up?

We will look for jobs and for land out west while we’re on our trip.  Or perhaps we’ll end up living at our Little Wolf Nature Preserve in southern Kentucky.

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