Rocky Mountains

Golden Gate Canyon is a 12,000-acre state park just to the west of Boulder, Colorado and only 30 miles from Denver.



Darby is happy to be hiking with us

The dogs love the parks that love them and allow them to hike on the trails.



Tree-covered hills of Golden Gate Canyon

We stopped for lunch on a ridge with a great view of the park.  After three months in the desert, it was nice to be back among the trees.



Shadow and Timm on the top of Windy Peak

We climbed the Burro Trail to the top of Windy Peak, which provided a 360-degree view of the mountains.  The air here at 8,840 feet elevation was pretty thin, so we took our time and drank lots of liquids.



Beautiful valley, but not really a canyon?

We have no idea how this park got its name.  It seemingly has nothing to do with the Golden Gate Bridge in California and doesn’t appear to have a canyon either.



Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains from Panorama Point

At the Panorama Point Overlook, visitors can see over 100 miles of the Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains.  The Continental Divide is a line through the Rocky Mountains such that all the water on one side of the Divide would flow west, and all water on the other side would flow east.

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