Todagin Mountains above Kinaskan Lake

Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park is a 4,448-acre park in British Columbia.  The highlight of the park is its namesake, Kinaskan Lake.  We stopped here for the afternoon on our dash through Canada to reach Seattle in a week.  We were fortunate to find a campsite right on the lake with a terrific view of the Todagin Mountains.



Flooded trail

We hiked along the shore of Kinaskan Lake on a trail that was flooded over as shown, so we had to turn back.



Shadow swimming in Kinaskan Lake for a treat

We threw some dog treats in the water to see how far Shadow would swim to retrieve them.  He swam out a couple times, but by the third time, I think he’d had enough of the cold water.  Darby loves the water, but only up to her belly.  She won’t wade any deeper than that, even for a treat.



Fishing on Kinaskan Lake for rainbow trout

There were many people on the lake fishing.  Apparently Rainbow Trout are abundant in this lake and average 1 foot in length.



Sunny skies over Kinaskan Lake

The next morning it was sunny and clear, but we had to resume our quick journey south.

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