Ruby Range rises above the east side of Kluane Lake

Kluane Lake is the largest lake in the Yukon, covering nearly 154 square miles or 100,000 acres.  The beautiful Ruby Range shown here rises above the east side of the lake.



Kluane Range rises above our RV

We dispersed camp along Kluane Lake in front of the broad delta of the Congdon River.  Rising behind us was the Kluane Range, a nearly unbroken line of 8,000+ foot snow-capped mountains.  Once again we were in awe of the view right outside our RV windows.



Timm standing on the shore of Kluane Lake with the Kluane Range in the background

We spent a day just enjoying our campsite and walking along the shore of this nearly 50-mile long lake.



Theresa's hand next to bear footprints in the sand

Theresa found bear footprints in the sand, though we never saw the bear itself.



Shadow and Darby walking along the shore of Kluane Lake

The dogs had a wonderful time walking along the shore of Kluane Lake.



Kluane Range at the southern end of Kluane Lake

The Kluane Range was also visible along the southern end of the lake.  Kluane Lake offers excellent fishing for lake trout, northern pike, and grayling, though we didn’t see any fish in the cold water.



Kluane Lake from Tachal Dhal Ridge

Here is a view of Kluane Lake from about 1,500 above on the Tachal Dhal Ridge.



Shadow mesmerized by driftwood

Shadow was mesmerized by something in the water.  After a few minutes investigation, he concluded it was just a piece of driftwood.

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