Timm sitting in the sun and reading a book

Lassen National Forest covers 1.07 million acres in northeastern California and surrounds Lassen National Park.  It was named after pioneer Peter Lassen, a miner and rancher born in Denmark who emigrated to Boston in 1830.  He is famous for establishing the Lassen Cutoff of the California Trail across Nevada into the gold fields in eastern California.  Unfortunately, the trail was incredibly challenging, and many of the emigrants he led regretted following that trail.  We had a wonderful dispersed campsite along a stream in the forest while visiting nearby Lassen National Park.  In this photo you can see me reading a book while sitting in the sun and listening to the stream.



Lassen Peak from Hat Creek Rim Overlook

Peter Lassen was murdered in 1859 on his way to Nevada, allegedly by an unseen sniper.  Here we see the 10,457-foot volcano Lassen Peak from Hat Creek Rim Overlook.



View from Hat Creek Rim

Hat Creek Rim is an interesting geological formation.  About a million years ago, the rim and valley were at the same level, but subterranean forces pushed the rim over 900 feet above the valley floor (and is still rising today).  This photo was taken from the top of the rim overlooking the valley below.



Darby and Shadow basking in the morning sun

We dispersed camp in the forest while visiting the nearby Lassen Volcanic National Park.  Each morning, Darby and Shadow would lay in the sun outside our RV.

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