Dogs hiking in Dog Canyon

There’s something poetic about dogs hiking in Dog Canyon.  This was our first challenging hike of our trip.  The trail was 6 miles long with a 1600-foot climb over uneven, rocky terrain.  Our bodies and especially our feet were a little sore after this hike, but we have a lifetime of practice hiking like this.



Theresa and the dogs taking a break

This open field along a flat bench was surrounded by immense canyon walls.  It was the perfect spot for a little break. 



The only water on the trail

Our dogs are used to hiking in Kentucky, where water is usually abundant.  This was probably the first hike in our dogs’ lives where they couldn’t find a stream, pond or puddle along the way to replenish their thirst.  Even though we brought water for them, they started to get a little dehydrated as the hike wore on.  Fortunately we came upon a year-round stream through the center of Dog Canyon that had plenty of fresh water for the dogs.



These dogs are not afraid of heights

Darby and Shadow are well-accustomed to walking along cliffs in our Little Wolf Nature Preserve.  They are like little mountain goats and have no fear of heights.



Looking out of Dog Canyon

This was one of the quietest, most peaceful hikes we’ve ever had.  We only encountered two other people on the entire hike.  You never know what kind of experience a hike will bring, and this was a delightful surprise.



Theresa looking back into Dog Canyon

After our long climb up and back down (higher than the 108-story Sears Tower in Chicago) Theresa looked back into Dog Canyon to reflect on our wonderful hike.

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