Dispersed camping in the Little Missouri National Grassland

Little Missouri National Grassland in western North Dakota is the largest grassland in the nation at 1.03 million acres (1,614 square miles).  We dispersed camped here for four days while visiting the nearby Theodore Roosevelt National Park.



Darby and Shadow love the grassland

It’s a mixed grass prairie (with both long and short grass).  Darby and Shadow love the grassland because they can wander free.



Our RV and car on top of the North Dakota badlands

Another feature of the Little Missouri National Grassland is the colorful badlands, a rugged terrain eroded by wind and water.  Can you see our RV and car parked on top of this ridge?  What’s great is we walked out of our RV and right onto a hiking trail through the badlands.



View of Theodore Roosevelt National Park

We also had a great view of the South Unit of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  The badlands ridges on the upper left of the photo is the southern edge of the national park.



Timm holding up a cliff

Good thing I came along to hold up this cliff.



Shadow looks out over the badlands

Shadow loves the badlands.



Darby curled up in a ball in the grass

And Darby loves hanging out in the grassland.  This was a very windy day (notice her ears flapping in the wind), so she cuddled up in a little ball in the grass.  We invited her in the RV, but like a little kid, she never wants to come inside!



Sun peaks through a storm on the horizon

The first night we arrived it threatened rain.  We were wondering if we’d have a repeat of the last grassland when we got stuck in the mud?  But it only rained on us for a minute, and besides, we weren’t scheduled to leave for another couple days anyway, so there was plenty of time for the grassland to dry.



Sunset over the grassland

The storm produced a spectacular sunset.

>> Next Stop: Theodore Roosevelt (South) National Park >>

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