Big Sand Butte

Modoc National Forest is a 1.6 million acre forest in northeastern California.  Most of the forest was covered by an immense lava flow millions of years ago.  This photo shows Big Sand Butte, a 40-story cinder cone.



Dispersed campsite

We dispersed camp in Modoc National Forest while visiting the nearby Lava Beds National Monument.



Darby and Shadow surveying the land

My SUV parked along the forest road

Since the dogs were not allowed in Lava Beds National Monument, they had to stay in the RV all day while Theresa and I hiked in the monument.  When we finished hiking, we took the dogs for an off-leash hike up the Big Sand Butte.  It was a warm day and a tough climb straight up the side of the cinder cone.  In the top photo you can see Darby and Shadow looking over the land with Little Sand Butte in the background.  In the bottom photo, if you look closely, you can see my SUV parked along the gravel forest road (click on the photo for a larger version).



Big Sand Butte

This is what the Big Sand Butte looked like from the forest road as we approached it.



Little Sand Butte

This is the Little Sand Butte, visible from the Big Sand Butte.  There were roads cut into the side of Little Sand Butte.

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