Pikes Peak

Mueller is a 5,112-acre state park in Colorado not too far from Colorado Springs.  The highlight of the park is an impressive view of Pikes Peak, the easternmost 14,000+ foot mountain in the United States.



Theresa walking the dogs in the campground with Pikes Peak in the distance

There was a great view of Pikes Peak from just about everywhere in the park, including our campground.  Here you can see Theresa walking the dogs with Pike’s Peak in the background.



Timm with... you guessed it, Pikes Peak in the background

After three months in the desert, it was refreshing to return to trees and grass, even if the grass was still brown from winter.



Duck on a pond

And standing water.  It had been a while since we’d seen a natural pond.



A little snow remains in a stream

We were talking to a park ranger about why the water hadn’t been turned on yet in the campground.  She said that’s because there’s usually about 4 feet of snow still on the ground this time of year.  But this year has been very dry and lacking in snow throughout much of the country.



Timm sitting on a bench

But this bench was still swallowed in snow.



Birds soar above the trees

Every park is different and his its own rules, but this park was a little strange.



Mountain pond

Split rocks above a mountain pond

Theresa standing next to a pond

There are 55 miles of trails in Mueller State Park.  This trail hiked along many beautiful mountain ponds.



Sangre de Cristo Mountains

We also had a great view of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains (Spanish for “The Blood of Christ”) to the southwest.  These are the southernmost subrange of the Rocky Mountains.



Pikes Peak

Click the image for a larger view of this Pikes Peak panorama.

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