Muncho Lake's deep blue color is from copper oxide

Muncho Lake is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.  The striking blue-green color of Muncho Lake is caused by copper oxide leaching into the water.  When the sun shines on the lake, the color turns from a deep blue to an almost fluorescent turquoise as shown in this photo.



View of the Sentinel Range of the Rocky Mountains east of Muncho Lake

Muncho Lake Provincial Park protects 212,631 acres around the lake and along the Alaska Highway through the Canadian Rocky Mountains in British Columbia.  The Sentinel Range of the Rockies rise to the east of the lake.




Double rainbow

Bottom of a double rainbow over Muncho Lake

It rains almost every day in spring in the Canadian Rockies.  Which is why we always hike with our rain coats.  But one advantage of so much rain are the spectacular rainbows, including this brilliant double-rainbow that anchored itself in Muncho Lake.



Theresa and Shadow balancing on a log

Theresa coaxed Shadow onto a tree that had fallen in Muncho Lake.



Terminal Range of the Rocky Mountains rising to the west of Muncho Lake

Muncho Lake is 7 miles long, 1 mile wide, and 400 feet deep.  The Terminal Range of the Rocky Mountains rises above the lake to the west.  Muncho Lake is reported to have a good amount of Dolly Varden, grayling, rainbow trout, lake trout and whitefish.  The record lake trout is 50 pounds.  However, a fisherman in the campground said he didn’t see a single fish all afternoon.



Theresa, Shadow and Darby sitting above Muncho Lake

We climbed a very steep 1000-foot trail for a spectacular view of the entire lake.  At the peak, there was a metal 4-foot high cross (that we could see from the ground) honoring a fallen soldier from World War II (or so we were told).



View of our RV from a peak above Muncho Lake

A large section of the Alaska Highway had washed out about 200 miles north of Muncho Lake.  As a result, the highway was closed for 5 days, and campgrounds started filling up for hundreds of miles in both directions.  Fortunately we arrived at the Strawberry Flats Campground in Muncho Lake Provincial Park early enough to secure a terrific campsite right on the lake.  Click on this photo to expand it, and see if you can spot our RV at the bottom left of the photo (we’re the second RV from the right).



Darby taking a drink from Muncho Lake

We could walk just a few feet out our RV door and right into Muncho Lake.  Yet again, this was one of our most beautiful camping spots.  Seems like we’ve been saying that a lot lately in Canada.  Each place is more amazing than the last.

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