Nairn Falls

Nairn Falls is a 420-acre provincial park located 20 minutes north of Whistler in British Columbia.  The highlight of the park is the 200-foot waterfall through a narrow channel carved in the rock.



Second stage of Nairn Falls

This is the second stage of Nairn Falls.  Even though it is shorter than the first stage, it’s actually more impressive, as it creates a large spray as the water crashes into a small pocket in the rock.



Theresa and Darby standing along the Green River

To reach the falls, we hiked a 1-mile trail along the pretty turquoise Green River.  Shortly after we took this photo, we were surprised to see a powerboat drive up this river toward the falls.  We would’ve thought the river was too shallow and rocky for a propeller drive. 



Mount Currie

Mount Currie rises high above the park and still has plenty of snow on its peak in late summer.

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