Bison in Grasslands National Park, SK (West Block).  Image is public domain.

Grasslands National Park is one of Canada’s newer national parks, located in southern Saskatchewan.  Grasslands protects one of the nation’s few remaining areas of undisturbed dry mixed-grass/shortgrass prairie grassland.  The unique landscape and harsh, semi-arid climate provide niches for several adapted plants and animals.  The park and surrounding area house the country’s only black-tailed prairie dog colonies.  Rare and endangered fauna found in the park include the pronghorn antelope, sage grouse, burrowing owl, ferruginous hawk, prairie rattlesnake, black-footed ferret and eastern short-horned lizard. Flora includes blue grama grass, needlegrass, Plains Cottonwood and silver sagebrush.  (Source: Wikipedia, Image: Public Domain)

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