Saguaro is the symbol of the American west

The Saguaro is the universal symbol of the American west.  These majestic cacti are found in a very limited range of the United States, much of it protected by Saguaro National Park.



Saguaro forest

Saguaro National Park west district seems to have a more dense forest of Saguaro cacti than the east district.



Timm is one with the Saguaros

A common way to identify the Saguaro is that it looks like a person with his arms raised high.  In this photo, a person looks like a Saguaro.



Theresa dare not hug this cute Teddy Bear Cholla

Formidable dense spines of the Teddy Bear Cholla

Theresa’s favorite cactus, the Teddy Bear Cholla, looks soft and fuzzy to the touch, but it’s one of the most formidable cacti of the Southwest with densely-packed, super-sharp spines.



A-10 Thunderbolts fighter jets

Two A-10 Thunderbolt fighter jets buzzed by the park.



Saguaro forest surrounded by mountains

We had an incredible view of a Saguaro forest surrounded by mountains the entire hike along the Hugh Norris trail.



Light and shade

Sunlight and shadows danced across the mountains.



From the Hugh Norris Trail

We sat on a high perch nearly 1000 feet above the valley floor and enjoyed a little snack before hiking back down.



The drive out of the park on Golden Gate Road had pretty views of the mountains glowing red in the setting sun.

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