Another RV driving down the Stewart-Cassiar Highway

The Stewart-Cassiar Highway (also known as Highway 37) is the main north-south route through western British Columbia.  It’s a very scenic 540-mile-long highway that passes through some of the most isolated areas of B.C.  The highway was entirely paved except for a few gravel sections that were being resurfaced.  But the north half of the highway was bumpy and rough from frost heaves and road cracks.  At times our entire RV would shake when we hit a bump, at one point cracking 3 of the 4 welds holding the heat shield to the muffler under the RV.  I used duct tape and wire to hold the heat shield in place until we could get it repaired in Seattle.  We are hoping the repair is covered under warranty.



Coastal Mountains

We had to travel quickly through Canada to reach Seattle in time for Theresa to fly home to close on our house sale.  We covered nearly 2,000 miles in 6 days.  330 miles a day may not seem like a lot, especially if you are driving a car 70 miles an hour.  But in an RV towing a car over a rough, twisty highway, that’s a quick pace.  Thankfully the view was beautiful, as the Coastal Mountains followed us along the highway to the west.



Why did the moose cross the road?

This mother and young moose jumped out of the brush and bounded across the highway right in front of our RV.  Fortunately we were able to slow down and avoid a collision.



Wildflowers and mountains the entire way

Unlike our trip north through Canada in May, which was cloudy, chilly and rainy, our trip south through Canada in August was sunny, warm and dry.  The wildflowers were colorful and plentiful along the way, including this field of Fireweed.



Needlepoint Mountain

From its distinct shape, it’s easy to identify this as Needlepoint Mountain.



Dispersed camping near Dry Creek

We dispersed camped overnight near Dry Creek, which ironically was flowing heavily at the time.  We hauled water from the creek to clean our dirty RV and car.

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