Virgin River

The Virgin River Gorge is a long canyon from Littlefield, Arizona to St. George, Utah, carved out by the Virgin River.



Interstate 15 traveling through the Virgin River Canyon

Interstate 15 runs through the canyon and crosses the Virgin River several times.  At over one million dollars per mile, this section of I-15 cut through the gorge is one of the most expensive sections of interstate highway constructed in the country.



Beautiful mountains

The construction of I-15 caused a major controversy because the state of Arizona didn’t want to pay for it, even though most of the corridor is located in Arizona.  That’s because the northwest corner of Arizona doesn’t connect to any other part of the state.  So Utah and Nevada agreed to split the cost as long as Arizona wouldn’t object to the route.



Virgin River

The Virgin River is a major tributary of the Colorado River.  It’s about 160 miles long.  In 2009, the Virgin River was designated as Utah’s first wild and scenic river.



Colorful mountains

The Virgin River also carved Zion Canyon in Zion National Park.



Colorful mountains

The Virgin River Canyon is popular with rock climbers, hikers and campers.

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